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Obligatory Sticky Post

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! May your Turkey be moist and your stuffing be crunchy. :) also, for those of you who like me have been on a bandom avoidence (sp? W/e) kick like I have let me rec this: http://shoemaster.livejournal.com/425495.html as a thanksgiving treat.



Second- So idk about u guys but i'm pretty pumped about the 'player's pack' release of Crush the castle. (Here) because if i had to crush one of the originals one more time i was gonna scream and it's like the best game ever.
Third- i don't think that band practice is gonna be an option for me next saturday because i'm visiting u mass dartmouth with noelle then. :(

ALSO IK I HAVE BEEN LIKE ~AVOIDING BANDOM FOR LIKE AGES BUT OMG HAVE U GUYS SEEN THE GLORY THAT IS SPENCER MUTHERFUCKING SMITH. <bitch> It's like he gave all of his fat to jon walker.  maybe this is a sighn that frank will drop some pounds (and facial hair) when mcr finally drops their cd lol ok</bitch>


TV Time!

So, I know that 14blades wanted a list of shows that I will be watching this season so here you go. The only conflict is the Glee and ANTM premieres because ANTM runs 2 hours for the first episode, and Glee is on at the same time. Oh, and i guess The VMAs are on during Tool Academy, but w/e. The tools can last without me for a week. I also try to keep up to date with The Colbert Report and Hells Kitchen on Hulu :)

Project Runway Season 6 on Lifetime Thursdays at 10:00pm
More info

Tool Academy 2 on Vh1 Sundays at 9:00pm
More info

premiere on FOX Wednesday September 9th 9:00pm
More info

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 on The CW Wednesday September 9th 8:00pm
More info and promo with Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad"

The VMAs on MTV Sunday September 13 9:00pm
More info

The Office
Season 6 on NBC Thursday September 17 9:00pm
More info

premiere on ABC Thursday September 24th 8:00pm
More info (see the promo with Adam Lambert's cover of Mad World here)

The Venture Bros
Premiering Season 4 in Fall 2009 on Adult Swim
(The Very Awesome Promo here)

The Mighty Boosh
Premiering January 2009 on Adult Swim

Wow, I watch a lot of television.


My laptop is officially dead until further notice. Hopefully I will be able to pull of some things like programs, images, recordings, music, and favorites but its not looking too good. Because my home computer access is limited, I may tend to accidently ignore posts and things, so I’m sorry in advance.

Any data recovery tips you guys can share would rock, you might know something I don’t and it would suck if I lost everything just because I didn’t ask for help. Ty! :)


Battle of the Panic! at the Disco Bands

I'm sure you all follow patd on your own, but can i just say that Steve Kandell is kind of my new hero? http://community.livejournal.com/patd/2860846.html Its lolarious if you don't take it to heart, regardless of what 'team' you're on.



omg there is so much going on right now, and im too busy pmsing and missing beverly right now to post on it. :( I'm going on vacation next week which means nothing will get done till after then, but yeah...

mcr is alive! the only good cab bb is now playing for panic! gerard at cons being a dork! spencer and brendon coming out of the closet as slowly as possible! new perspective! mcr naming a song death before disco and how lolsome that is! I just ordered kingdom hearts and a ps2 to play it with (losing half my $$$ in the process)! 2/3 of the podfic is done!

its like sparknotes for my life right now. ttyl
i love the world for so any reasons right now.

I got a chance to finally record a bit more podfic (go me)*
My final project for mixed media is going well
new perspective rocked my socks
the pics of bden and spencer from the con <3
i got some paints for my photo shoot for only 7.99
Amanda gave me her photoshop cs2 \o/

mildly worthless post is mildly worthless, but thats ok :)

my roommate is still making fun of me for this one, but we both like gay manga so it works out. ;)

edit: i am also a natural at kingdom hearts (the best game ever).  this is good because the rest of my floor sux ass at it and i need to know what happensss

Its the end of the world...

So, Ryan and Jon left.

The good thing is that no one on the label or in the band seems to be upset about it but yeah :| I can't really help being a bit upset, its just like 'what?' half of Panic! is now something else???? I kinda saw it coming, with Brendon and Spencer at the blink thing and Ryan and Jon doing all that stuff with Eric (The Piano Guy). But i guess it never registered ya know? Pete says that the stuff that Brendon and Spencer are doing is more 'Fever' so thats great. I guess Ryan and Jon are gonna continue with something more 'Pretty.Odd.'? Idk, just, i mean- there must have been some sort of breaking point that lead to the split right? W/e I'm just glad that they are relatively happy- my body just hasn't figured that out yet and is assaulting me with the same feeling i get when my favorite character in a book is killed off :/

Lots of luck to bden and spence (omg I'm taking sides, so kill me. I do hope that Ryan and Jon do well too ok?)may you pick hot and talented guys to take ryan's and jon's places and may your next CD sound less like a hippie is assaulting a bug and more like that carnival thing you had going on before that made everybody fall in love with you in the first place. :)


I'm at Montserrat. There is wifi. I am sooooo thankful.  ily, Beverly <33333


Holy shit I have a lot to do.
  • poor_frank
  • Commission for unicornvamp3z
  • Podfic a bit before my house is taken over by the rest of the family
  • get my ass in the car and drive the highway without a panic attack (yesterday was not the best of days) yes!
  • do all the guidance stuff because I'm meeting with Mrs. Scott tomorrow
  • celebrate because I saw the french teacher yesterday and I PASSED MOTHAFUCKAS !!!!! not much of a party ;_;
  • get everybody's personal favorite bbbs for pfra
  • buy bed sheets for july
  • clean room oh dear god it was bad
  • clean computer
  • finish Antique Bakery so i can stop distracting myself with it
  • clean closet
  • check e-mail too much spam
  • read over bbb for onlyknightmare (I'm gonna rec this one to everybody now because its already fabulous.)
  • check twitter i love it when frank twitters, ngl.
  • charge phone
  • post on lj :)
That was my list yesterday of shit I had to get done before the end of today (in no particular order). Kill me now omfg.